If it looks and feels like plastic and you can't put it in the blue bin, we can repurpose it into a ByBlock!

Plastic films

Plastic films are used to wrap and cover items such as packages, mail, food (bread, cereal, etc), clothes, durable goods, and other common items to protect them. Plastic film is also used to make plastic bags.

Bubble wrap
Plastic bags
Plastic bubble mailer
Plastic mailer envelope
Plastic mailers
PF_Bread Bags_700x700.jpg__PID:3f1b7a84-0d04-43fe-a73e-a0527496631a
Dry cleaning bags
Plastic shipping wrap
Newspaper bags
Space saving vacuum bags
Zip locks

Multi-layer Plastic

Multi-layered packaging can be made using different types of materials including but not limited to plastic films, metals, and paper. They are designed to give barrier properties, strength and storage stability to food items, new materials, electronics, etc.

Flexible packaging
Cereal bags
Nut bags
Coffee Bags
Chip bag
Plastic food bag
Specialty coffee bags

Food Containers & Packaging

Everything from clamshell, multi-compartment food containers, cups, coffee cups/lids, straws, to coffee bags. If RPET and bioplastic containers aren't acceptable in the blue bin, we can take it!

Take out containers
Take out clamshells
Juice box straws
Straws Photo by Tara Winstead
Food wrap
Coffee cup lids Photo: Cristian Ferronato-692666.jpg__PID:d5307e73-d7eb-435b-9dec-ae70d621d871
Food wrappers

Rigid Plastics

Rigid plastics include foam pump soap bottles, pill bottles, caps, tags, and black plastics - any household/pantry that is more stiff than film that cannot go in the blue bin. NOTE: Toys, plumbing, hose, pipes and car parts require special handling and are not eligible in our ByImpact Bin program. Please contact us for more information.

Pill bottles
Rigid and pump bottles
Bottle caps
Food container caps
Rigid bottles.jpg__PID:bc673dd7-9d75-4592-b270-619187588b52

What We Don't Take

Be sure to avoid the following materials in your ByImpact Bin or BYOB.

NO Styrofoam, Foams or Stuffing

NO Bulky Rigid Plastics or Toys

NO Glass or Metals

NO Batteries

NO Electronics

NO Paper or Cardboard

NO Medical Waste

NO Clothing

NO Construction Debris