ByImpact Large and Small Bins - Reshape the Future of Plastic Waste

Beyond The
Blue Bin

Reshaping the future of plastic waste

The Problem

Just 9% of the plastic gets recycled. The rest goes to landfills, incinerators, or ends up in our oceans.

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ByImpact Bin - ByFusion

The Solution

The ByImpact Bin is the first of its kind, 100% circular solution that streamlines the collection of non-recyclable plastics and transforms them into ByBlocks, our sustainable building material.


1. Choose

Select your preferred bin size and delivery frequency.

2. Collect

Collect your household plastic waste according to our guidelines for acceptable plastic types.

3. Ship

Once full, seal it up and drop it off at the nearest FedEx. Enjoy free, carbon-conscious shipping!

Select your bin

Bring your own box

We are committed to repurposing as much as possible, so use what you have!

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Small Byimpact Bin

Perfect for apartments. Fits under the sink or in the pantry. 1-2 people. 

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Large ByImpact Bin

Ideal for families, fits perfectly in the garage next to the other bins. 3+ people.

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100% Circular

What does ByFusion do with all your plastic? We repurpose it into ByBlock, the most versatile, sustainable building material on the market.

Each 22 lbs ByBlock is made of 22 lbs of your non-recyclable plastic.

Zero waste. Maximum impact!

Fully Transparent

track your impact

Every ByImpact Bin purchase comes with a Repurpose Membership Account so you can see your impact in real-time. Now you can track the amount of you plastic diverted and CO2 emissions saved.

As Seen In

Your Actions = Big Impact

Choose ByImpact Bin to Start Making a Difference Today


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