Our Origins

ByFusion Unity exists for you and because of you! Here’s the back story…

ByFusion ( was founded with a mission to provide ethical, transparent, end-to-end landfill diversion services to companies and municipalities, helping them reduce their plastic waste footprint.

Along our journey, we were amazed by the number of people from around the world who wanted to get involved. The overwhelming response was heartening but also challenging—we struggled to respond to everyone. Despite our struggle to return all your calls, emails and DMs, we heard you!

Determined to support you, we worked tirelessly to come up a solution. After many sleepless nights, ByFusion Unity was born.

ByFusion Unity is a community designed to empower you to take meaningful action against plastic waste. This problem isn’t going away any time soon, so we must act now to prevent further environmental damage.

With ByFusion Unity, you gain access to the same transparency platform used by our corporate partners, along with exclusive perks just for you.

Your Actions

Big Impact

Every ByBlock we produce removes 22lbs of plastic waste from our environment and repurposes it into something usable.

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